🧠 How to Create Content that Sells and Gets You Noticed Online πŸ’°


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You will learn...

πŸ—£ How to Attract Attention and Get LEADS

Utilize content marketing to attract leads 24/7... that's right, generate leads while you are SLEEPING! 

πŸ’Έ Turn those Leads into PAYING customers

Utilize the AIIS Framework to create the 7 different types of content that make SALES. 

♻️ Organize Your Ideas + Repeat

How to utilize content clusters, content ideation, and content batching over and over to sell ANY offer. 

Who is Brodie? πŸ‘‡

Hey there! My name is Brodie, but most people call me Brod! It is my passion to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses online through their content. 

I have travelled all over Europe, Asia, and North America helping over 250 entrepreneurs launch their business online business. The frameworks and methods I am teaching in this FREE workshop have been used by 100+ entrepreneurs in this past year. Some results include my clients landing features in The Daily Vee, Forbes, TEDx and creation of $100,000 months!

I truly believe if you take what I teach you and put it to action it will change your life and business.... see ya on the flip side πŸ˜Ž



Frequently Asked Questions

This training is COMPLETELY free... No strings attached! 

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Network Marketers, Content Creators, Social Media Strategists or Personal Brands Who Are Looking to Streamline Their Content. 
  •  If You Are Someone Who Has a Message That You Know Can Change Someone Else’s Business And/Or Life, You Just Need The Medium to Reach Them.
  • Individuals Who Struggle with Creating Content.
  • Someone Who is Looking to Reach and Serve a Wider Audience.

This workshop will be approximately one hour!

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